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Planetary Action
Сlear June

Чистый июнь



Your Yoga

Planetary Action "Сlear June"

This action - this is the real way to stop the spilling of blood on the Earth. Slaughter, which clog the birds and animals, there are only one reason: because there is a demand. If no one on Earth did not buy the bodies of living creatures month or year, these companies have gone bankrupt. We, the people themselves decide what is right and what is not. Different fight against these companies is meaningless, they will still exist as long as there is demand.

In June the action will last for a month. Understand that money is paying for the meat, you hereby give money to maintain and develop the industry kills the Earth. Every day, billions of people are paying big money for its development. But we all cease to hold in June this system. We do not pay a single penny to people with blood on their hands. And let us be a little now, but it begins with a small...

If you decide not to buy in June for meat, fish, eggs and products containing them, then click the link below.

In June stop paying the killers!

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This action started 05.05.2012

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