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The World action
ttraction of

ttraction light

Your Yoga

Like attracts like. It is the law of the Universe.

Human Beings are like magnets, attract what they think.

You and I can change our world simply by pulling it to more light. It is very important now, when our world is on the verge of destruction. We can very quickly change everything, raising the vibration of the Earth to the vibration of spiritual light. We humans are the only creatures on earth that can communicate with the energies of the Higher Worlds. Together we can turn our world into a gem of the universe, the perfect place where the dream of beauty and wisdom.

Do not be left aside when your interest in the fate of the world as needed. Join the universal community of people who make this world a better place. Take each day at 5:05 pm (moscow time) this meditation.

Sit quietly, relax and close your eyes. Imagine that somewhere above you is Ocean of Light. Feel that you like a magnet attracts the light from the Ocean of Light. You crave this light, as something most desirable in life. All of your nature wants this light. Feel the light comes down to you, envelops you and everyone around you is immersed in the bright light. Time of 5 minutes or more (if desired).

This is a unique action. You are at the same time changing the world around them and at the same time helping to change ourselves and those around you. This is necessary, and you yourself and the world around you who. This simple meditation is compatible you can change the world beyond recognition. It's in our hands.

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Alternative names for this action: "The action five zero five", "The action of the two fives", "5:05 pm".



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